Psychotherapy services offered in Las Vegas, NV


Psychotherapy is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of different talking therapies. Lawrence Abah, DNP, MS, MSN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC, FPA, and his team at Holistic Behavioral & TMS Therapy have considerable expertise in using the most effective forms of psychotherapy and finding the best approach for you. If you’re suffering mental distress, call the Las Vegas, Nevada, office to arrange a consultation or book an appointment online today.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a talking treatment that can help when you’re suffering because of mental illness or severe emotional upset.

Talking about how you feel is often one of the best ways to deal with your day-to-day problems. When you’re well, sharing these issues with friends or family helps your mind stay healthy. However, when you have a mental health disorder, it’s best to seek treatment from expert therapists like the Holistic Behavioral & TMS Therapy team.

Working with a skilled therapist can help you return to leading a happy, active life. Psychotherapy can also be part of a broader treatment program that might include medications, ketamine therapy, and/or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

What conditions can psychotherapy treat?

Psychotherapy is a valuable tool that can help with most mental health problems, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Substance use disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Personality disorders
  • Low self-esteem
  • Body image issues
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Psychotherapy can be vital for helping you through periods of grief and loss. It can also help you cope with problems in your everyday life that are holding you back from living the life you’d like to.

Are there different types of psychotherapy?

The original form of psychotherapy is psychoanalysis, a talking therapy developed by Freud over a century ago. There are now numerous different types of psychotherapy, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Couples counseling

These different approaches all focus on communication between you and a skilled therapist. Psychotherapies use varying methods, so the Holistic Behavioral & TMS Therapy team selects the type they feel would be most beneficial for you at that particular time.

For example, if you have a problem like OCD, you may find it hard to get anything done because of the rituals you feel compelled to repeat. In that case, CBT can help you learn to manage these extreme behaviors and get them under control.

At a later date, you might benefit from undergoing a deeper form of therapy that looks at the reasons why you might have developed OCD in the first place.

The expert team at Holistic Behavioral & TMS Therapy uses psychotherapy to reduce and, in many cases, resolve the distress mental and emotional disorders cause. Call them to schedule a consultation or book using the online form today.